Non molte persone conoscono l’esistenza di questo piccolo angolo di paradiso nel bel mezzo della Medina di Tunisi.

Tunis St-George's View

La Chiesa venne eretta nel 1899-1901 ma il cimitero era stato in funzione fin dal 1645 e rimase aperto fino al 1885 quando una nuova sezione evangelica per gli Europei venne aperta nel cimitero municipale a Bab al-Khadra.

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I visited it in May 2007 to search for traces of Consul James Traill (1723-1787) who had employed Amelia Evans as a maid for his daughters. Indeed I found Consul Traill among the graves and also many others. I was also looking for Traill’s house, in Carthage, once called “Sweet Retreat” but nothing has been found for now…

In 2008 Denys Pringle published a book about the cemetery’s inscriptions and an extract of it is available in the new website of St-George’s Church.

I collected pictures of the graves and of the Chaplain’s Registers and here are the people buried there that I researched:

Arthur Gordon Selim BARKER (1871-1884)

Angelina CAPRIATA (1781-1825)

Christine Thérèse Léonie CHAPELIE’ (1867-1868)

Jacques Henri CHAPELIE’ (1762-1844)

Louis Antoine CHAPELIE’ (1790-1854)

Marie Thérèse CHAPELIE’ (1795-1879)

Marie Thérèse Léonie CHAPELIE’ (1863-1866)

Robert Antoine Edouard CHAPELIE’ (1866-1873)

Jean FUZIER (1776-1823)

Anne GIBSON (1820-1850)

Eliza Ann GIBSON (1808-1858)

John GIBSON (1780-1833)

John Knapp GIBSON (1810-1843)

Charles GORDON (?-1775)James Traill's gravestone

George Robert GORDON (1799-1799)

Margaret GORDON (1757-1831)

Susanna GORDON (1760-1836)

Ludvic (Lewis) HAMMEKEN (1739-1793)

Ludolf Johansen HAMMEKEN (1696-1759)

Gwinn Harris HEAP (1867-1874)

Samuel Davies HEAP (1781-1853)

Samuel Harris HEAP (1845-1845)

Susanna Angelina Mathilda HEAP (1828-1848)

Elizabeth KNAPP (1782-1855)

Elizabeth LAWRENCE (c.1672-1732)

Richard LAWRENCE (1668-1750)

Thomas LAWRENCE (c.1686-1717)

Margaret PORTER (1791-1857)

Marie SZCZEPANOWSKI (1847-1849)

James TRAILL (1723-1787)

Charles Jr. TULIN (1790-1832)

Charles Sr. TULIN (1748-1808)

Matilda TULIN (1800-1835)

Richard Alexander TULIIN (1843-1847)

Margaret WING (1736-1776)

Other people researched died in Tunis but I still don’t know where they are buried

Angèle Céleste BALIT (1820-1852)

Gaspard BOURGUET (c.1675-1741)

Andrea CURRY (1781-1813)

Laurent GAY (c.1763-1823)

Louisa MALTASS (?-1942)

Arnold Heinrich NYSSEN (c.1730-1792)

François Auguste SAUTTER (1826-1885)

Arnoldo SOLER (1779-1816)

Henri André TERRISSE (1856-1898)

Jules Henri Frédéric TERRISSE (1865-1891)

Stefano TRAVERSO (1807-1861)

Herbert Octavius WHITTALL (1858-1929)